Advices & tips

Advices & tips

Advices & tips

Traveling to Egypt is a wonderful experience, but some tourists who do not take necessary precautions, may find their holiday to be less pleasant than it should be. This can be avoided,If you followed the next safety tips so that everyone has a great time in Egypt with Egypt Cheap Holiday.

Eating & drinking

TipsEat the same amount as you do at home – don’t overindulge in the first few days on an all inclusive holiday

TipsKeep drinking alcohol till after the hottest part of the day – extreme heat and lots of alcohol do not mix well

TipsAvoid salads washed in tap water unless you have visited Egypt a few times and your body has got used to the water

TipsRation how many NEW foods you try in the first 2 days

tipsAlways drink lots of bottled water. Egypt is extremely hot at times and your body will get dehydrated and this may cause your body to not function at it’s best

tipsWash/sanitise/wipe your hands before eating

Physical care

tipsKeep the air conditioner on low! People get ill because they go from the extreme heat straight into air-conditioned rooms. This causes most people, even Egyptians to be ill

tipsWear good quality sunglasses with proper protection for you eyes

tipsIf you want a good tan, wear a very high factor sun cream in the first day or so and gradually decrease it so that at the end of your holiday you might be only using factor 30 (in the hottest season). If you do not want a dark tan, stick to factor 30+ for your holiday. Do not go without sun cream.

tipsTake sunhats, scarves and anything to wrap around your head. When the sun beats down on you, even at 10am in Luxor n April, you will not care how silly you look!

tipsTake flat supportive shoes or trainers if site seeing – DO NOT take flip flops or sandals. It really isn’t worth the risk as everywhere is uneven.


Tips/MedicalSome guests might wish to take a medical pack. Although there are chemists and Drs everywhere, and all very good and helpful, it is comforting to have some medicines you might be familiar with.

A first timer to Egypt might like to pack plasters, medicine for bowel problems of both kinds, paracetamol, plasters, antiseptic cream, cold sore cream, eye ointment or eye wash capsules, allergy pills such as piriton, calamine lotion for any sunburn you might experience and of course, a full supply (plus a few days more) or any medicines taken daily.

Take all necessary medicines in your hand luggage.

Personal safety

Tips/Personal safetyKeep money in separate pockets so that you do not pull out large amounts of money when in bazaars etc. Although crime is extremely infrequent in nearly all parts of Egypt, showing large amounts of money can result in you being harassed by traders or street sellers, which may make you feel unsafe.

Tips/Personal safetyDo not go off with anyone claiming to be a guide or someone who can get you cheap tickets to things unless the company you are with state that they arefine. Egypt Last Minute provides extremely comparable rates with any sellers so you can be assured of safety and a top quality service when you book with us.

Tips/Personal safetyEgyptians are extremely hospitable and kind and often invite people to their homes and to tour their cities. However, if you are new to Egypt, stay with your guide. People all over the world try to scam tourists, and if you are new to Egypt you will not know the tricks these few people will play with you. Once you have visited a few times, you will be able to discern the difference between regular Egyptian hospitality and those trying to make money from you.

Tips/Personal safetyFemales should sit in the back of taxis. Sitting in the front informs drivers that you are very friendly and this can be misinterpreted.

Tips/Personal safetyKeep phone numbers:

  1. The 24 hours a day, 7 days a week phone number of Egypt Last Minute
  2. The transport manager at Egypt Cheap Holiday
  3. Your hotel number
  4. Your Tour guide
  5. Local police and ambulance.

These simple tips are very good and useful for all travelers to any country. Lastly, if you have any questions before you travel please just Ring/Email,or go on our Online Chat to talk to one of our representatives. We are here to make sure you have a holiday you don’t want to forget.